Are you an artist in Cranberry Township or surrounding areas? Become a Member of CAN!

Any artist 18 years of age or older can apply for membership by submitting work for review during one of the screening sessions. Screening sessions are held three times a year at the Cranberry Township Municipal Center.

Next Screening: May 18th, 2017.
6:15pm drop-off and 7:30pm pickup at the Cranberry Township Municipal Center.

Please bring three (3) of your best works in a single medium.  We are looking for work that is gallery ready, showing consistency of technique and skill and have been created within the last three years, not under the guidance of an instructor.  A completed membership application (below) should be attached to the back of the work.

Work should be framed or have finished sides (for 2d work) or be otherwise display ready with stands if needed (for 3d work).  Essentially, bring in work as if it was ready to be displayed in a show.  We want to see your three best pieces in a single medium (3 oil paintings, 3 sculptures, 3 drawings, etc.) that showcase your technical skill and artistic vision.

Membership is $25 per year, renewable in January. (For screenings held late in the year, the fee may be reduced to cover the partial year, with the standard $25 renewal due the following January 1st and thereafter.) Benefits of membership include member-only shows, discounts, and special events.

Download (PDF, 260KB)

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